Saturday, 23 January 2016

Storm is coming..... (Twilight version)

One of my good intentions for this year is to explore my palette a bit more than I have up till now. So from time to time I will make a second painting using a sketch I made.
This time I used the scene at Borkum again (from the reference photo Katja Lemcke kindly allowed me to use) within a week after I made my first painting, but now I painted with my set of Twilight Colours.
I really like working with that set although I am not yet fully familiar with its possibilities. Never mind, the year is not over and I am looking forward to painting a lot more with these colours.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Storm is coming.......

After all those trees I wanted to do something with a lot of sky and preferably clouds.
This is a scene from Borkum, one of the Wadden Islands of Germany. I have not been there myself and that made it a bit more difficult to make this painting.
But still, I ended up with something I can show the world.
The reference photo was made by Katja Lemcke and she gave me her permission to use it.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Mushrooms on a tree trunk

Autumn is the time of the mushroom, so on our short trip to the National Reserve of the Veluwe my daughter collected mushrooms - with her camera.
She made lots of pictures of beautiful mushrooms but this one wanted to be painted first.
The little mushrooms grow out of a tree trunk on a spot without bark. As I wanted to draw the attention to the mushrooms, I did not paint all the details of the wood and the resin but just hinted at the colours of the mushroom's background. I made use of masking fluid to keep the shapes of the mushrooms as I had been drawing them on my paper and after removing the mask I painted the details of the mushrooms.
Unfortunately it is not easy to determine the species of mushroom I painted...

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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Another snowscape - still the Veluwe

My inspiration still works overtime and the fact that I recently bought a book about Winterlandscape painting in the nineteenth century in The Netherlands really helps me find new ways to paint a landscape with trees.
So, inspired by the old masters I transformed an autumnal landscape into a snowscape again, now in warmer colours. The landscape is still found in a small part of our National Reserve The Veluwe; the Renderklippen.
The reference photo was made by my husband Peter.
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