Thursday, 29 October 2015

Foggy weather on the moors

The fog I painted before lasted a few days, so here is another watercolour inspired by that special atmosphere you get in that kind of weather.
We were walking in a small part of the Veluwe called Renderklippen, a moraine left over from the last Ice age. There is a lot of variation in that landscape, I already painted the woodlands, now you can see the moors. They are all small patches, but to me that makes it all the more attractive for a walk - in an hour or two you can visit various landscapes!
Of course when there is someone with a camera in your company, the walk tends to last longer - but we all see much more of the landscape we are exploring.
The reference photo for this painting was taken by my daughter Mariska.

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Monday, 26 October 2015

A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods can be very refreshing - if only because of the fresh air and the exercise involved. We usually take at least one camera with us, so we return with lots of pictures and I am inspired to start painting as soon as possible.
Not all scenes are fit to be painted in watercolour, so this one has become a charcoal drawing.
Those nice tall trees are standing in 'de Renderklippen' which is a part of our National Reserve de Veluwe. We had some nice walks there and I got inspiration for a few more watercolour paintings!

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Friday, 23 October 2015

A foggy day

Sometimes foggy weather is sometimes nice, especially when the landscape around you gets a bit mysterious. A bit of fog in a forest gives just that touch of mystery to inspire a watercolourist - like me.
This forest is in the Netherlands, it's a part of the National Parc of the Veluwe. We were here for a short vacation and were really lucky with the weather. A bit of fog, not too much and the temperatures were nice for the time of the year too. So more than one walk in the surroundings was made and enjoyed.
We took a lot of pictures - as it was a bit too damp to stand still and try to sketch - so after this one there are more paintings waiting to be made.

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Autumn colours the sky - 2

The colours of autumn are really great to work with, so I could not resist the temptation to make another painting with them. For this one I used a sketch I made after a picture my daughter Mariska made in Portugal. 
When you walk around the church of Santa Luzia above Viana do Castelo you get this view of dome of the church. The foreground is a combination of bushes and treetops. 
For this painting I imagined a strong backlight so the details of the dome would not be visible.

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Lost lights

The colours of the sky are always worth looking at, even in an industrial area such as Rijnmond. So I decided to 'recyle' the sketch I made for my first 'urbex' watercolour, the one for which the heavy industry of that area was my inspiration.
This time I chose to stay a bit closer to reality: the lights are still on!
It's really amazing how many lights there are on those towers and buildings, almost as if there is someone present on each and every metre of those long corridors.
I chose to work with the same three colours I used in the latest painting I made and create an atmosphere of expectation. People can still come to work here, as a contrary to the scene I painted before.

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

The moon exposed....

As an amateur artist I want people to see my work so I participate in expositions from time to time. Each year the section of Amateur Art in my home town Papendrecht will organise an exposition in the public library where we all contribute one work. The name "Met z'n Allen" means All Together and that is exactly what it is. This year there are over forty very different pieces of art hanging together on the walls of the library. This exposition is always from the 1st of October untill the 31st of December.

This time is also the first time my daughter Mariska participates, so we chose similar works. She made a series of pictures from the moon last year and she is exposing one of them now while I am exposing a painting I made after another picture from that series.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Autumn colours the sky

As the days grow shorter I drive to work during the hour of sunrise  more and more often, and I can enjoy the wonderful colours in the sky. Most of the time there are clouds so they add to the beauty of it all. Of course I only look and try to remember in order to come home safely again in the afternoon.
The landscape of a highway with noise barriers on both sides is not really inspiring for a painting, so I only remembered the colours and the clouds and fitted them in a landscape I painted before. So in fact I re-used a sketch made from a reference photo my daughter Mariska made for me.
This scene is very close to my home, it's a view from the bridge over the river Merwede and I gave it the colours I remembered the best from those mornings a few weeks ago.

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