Sunday, 26 April 2015

Dark clouds over the lighthouse of Ouddorp

Taking a walk at the beach does not always mean you need sunprotection. This time the clouds were really impressing, so I did make some photos as a reference for a painting.
To make the scene a bit more 'special' I wanted to include the lighthouse of Ouddorp into my painting. It hides a bit behind the dunes though.
Maybe the sky was not really that dark but I remember a very very very dark set of clouds over land and almost disappearing over sea.
The beach was almost empty where we were and the vegetation of the dunes is not in its summer colours yet...

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Blackthorn in bloom

Flowers are not my main subject, but sometimes I like to do them.
I'm still exploring the technique with gouache and watercolour on heavy 'all black' paper. So the white little flowers of the blackthorn are really nice to get some experience. 
Here I worked with several layers of gouache, to get a really white flower. For the hearts of the flowers I applied pure watercolour paint on the white gouache. I was surprised how easy it was...

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Douro by night - more memories from Portugal

Sometimes I see a sunset I really can't resist. This is one of them.
It was not that late in the afternoon, in December the sun sets early. We were close to the famous Dom Luís bridge, ready to walk into Oporto. Well, walking on had to wait a while because my daughter Mariska had her camera with her... 
She made lots of beautiful pictures and I chose to combine some of them to make my painting. The brightness is the main difference in these pictures, I needed a light one for the drawing of the houses on the slope.
And now my painting. This is not a real watercolour, for this kind of scenes I prefer to paint on a heavy quality black paper.
This is different from what I normally do and I have lots of fun making it!

More details (size, paints used) can be found on my website

Monday, 20 April 2015

View towards the ocean - memories of Portugal

Last December we were in Portugal, I already mentioned that...
One day we went north (from Oporto) with the train to Viana do Castelo. We visited the (very nice) city centre and went up in the funicular to the church of Santa Luzia.
The church was visited and afterwards we walked around it. 
That I can recommend! The vistas are nice up there and there is more to be seen than just that church. 
Returning from a pre-Roman ruin we were approaching the church again and suddenly there was this vista. The church on the left, an abandoned pillar, trees on the right and in between the ocean! 
It was a day that was not really bright, but not with a lot of clouds to be seen. 
As if we were walking right beneath a cloud ourselves. My daughter Mariska made the reference photos for me. As the light was a bit strange, I worked from memory again to achieve the athmosphere I wanted to capture.
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Friday, 17 April 2015

Hortus Botanicus in Coimbra - memories of Portugal

Last December we were in the Botanical Garden of Coimbra (Portugal). That is an old garden with lots of nice corners, lots of stairs and so on. The light was fading, it was just before sunset. My daughter Mariska made a lot of photos and although many of the photos were a bit disappointing, I still remember the light and the colours. So I painted this one....
A little gate with a balcony behind it looking at the tops of the trees behind it and that sunset... here I only tried to give an impression of the athmosphere of that moment, so the details are not all there.
More details of the painting (size, colours used) are to be found at


Welcome to my new blog!
Here I will tell a bit about myself ant more about my watercolours.
That may start from the first time I saw my subject and end with the finished painting. Or something like that...